too legit to quit

As Mike wrote earlier today, we can make as many copies as we want now. 

Getting a copier, as dumb as it might sound, makes me feel like we are legit.  Too legit to quit if you will.  Seriously, it does. 

I had a fun day today.  Some big things happened. 
1) I got a chance to hang out with Jeff Chauncey at Starbucks.  Jeff is awesome and so is Starbucks so this was doubly awesome.
2) Then I got to hang with Mladen for a few hours as we went to this copier.  After spilling toner all over the place because my truck is not big enough, we got it in the back and came back.  Thus, we are legit. 
3) Guitar lessons were weird today.  God is going to be closing some doors soon.  I feel it, so pray for me about finances.  I am kicking into high gear about raising support so I am gonna be getting dependent. 
4) Then as I was taking the truck back to Asheboro, I got dumb and didn’t fill the gas tank and I ran out of gas halfway down the road.  That is always the greatest feeling just so you know.  But I got to chill with an awesome state trooper as well as an amazing maintenance guy.  Got to hear a couple good stories.  God is so good. 
5) Leadership time is tonight.  After a short absence, we are back.  And man, do we have a ton to talk about?  More on that later. 

Just celebrate the fact that we can make as many copies as we want.  I hope that the copier doesn’t end up getting smashed because of system failure as in Office Space. 


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