Well grace is overwhelming in my life.  The grace to have moments with great friends, to have a break in the midst of so much, grace to continue, grace to see God in all things (really more and more things than ever before). 

I have been focused on this word recently in studying and I believe that I just don’t understand it.  I get what the Greek means.  I comprehend what the word means but I don’t believe it necessarily. 

I don’t really think that God has given me grace to live in Him.  It just doesn’t seem right, well at least this is what my actions appear to be for.  I seem to always wish to work for my salvation and I know that I don’t have to, but I end up doing it anyway. 

Grace is free.  How come I am always trying to pay for it?  Why can’t I just except it as the gift that it is? 

Can I even pay for it, if it did cost something?  And what cost is high enough to pay for all the grace that we are given? 

Just some thoughts that I am pondering.  Bedtime. 


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