For some reason, I am in the mood to watch scary movies.  I am not usually in a mood like this but today I truly am.  I don’t know why but whatever. 

 Maybe it is because I started my week by listening to “Thriller.”  Or maybe, Halloween has done it.  Maybe I am just weird.  Either way, I am wanting to partake of something scary.  A movie, a friend, a time of scariness.  Horror, who knew that I would want it? 

Well here are some thoughts before I leave for Asheboro for the night and tomorrow:
1) I am getting more and more into music and it is such a thrill ride right now.  Today, Bethany and I chilled and played some piano.  She is going to be working with me to get better so yeah, Bethany.  Then, I got to see my trumpet professor which hasn’t happened in a while.  Just seeing him made me realize how much I love the trumpet but also how burnt out I got by it.  But then I wanted to have some kind of sign (which I usually don’t really care for) that I should get back into trumpet, and I saw a past conductor whom I had worked with.  It made me want to get into trumpet again so I think that I am going to fix it up and play in a community band sometimes to just enjoy it. 

2) Here are some songs that I have been pondering over the past few days:
“Romeo and Juliet: Fantasy Overture” – Peter Illyich Tchaivosky
“Shine on” – Needtobreathe
“Dirty Diana” – Michael Jackson along with the rest of the “Bad” cd. 
The new Radiohead album. 

3) Reading for school, as well as for fun, has been good but I have a paper to do.  I hate those. 


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