long day, really stinking burnout from the day

What an extremely busy day I have had? 

I went to Raleigh to fix some mistakes I had made.  That wasn’t much fun. 

I got my paper finished.  I did too much work on this one.  For the first time, I actually had to get rid of a lot of what I had written.  I wrote about 18 or so pages for a ten to 12 page paper.  Weird. 

Because I wasn’t really social today, I got really burn out.  Man, I am starting to realize how much I need people around me.  Today was ultimate burnout day for me.  I wish my Sabbath was tomorrow.  Oh well, only a couple more days away. 

But I just wanted to share about my whole coaching thing with Rick Raiford.  The dude is coaching me through a bunch of different ministerial stuff as well as whatever else, I need coaching at.  I am a big fan of questions and he asks some real good ones.  Thanks, Rick, for being willing to help the Patio with your gifts. 

How are each of you doing? I hope well. 

Since I am exhausted and I have a long day ahead of me, I am going to bed. 


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