Well, as Mike mentioned earlier, we have an exciting month ahead of us.  Personally, it is an exciting month for me as well. 

Will and I are trying to find a house to rent out here in the Fork.  We looked at one yesterday and dang, it is home to me.  But we need a roommate.  If you know one, email me at  Also, pray that God would open doors for relationships to be built because of our transition into a new area of the Fork.  We don’t really know many people in the part of the community that the house is in so it could be a huge thing. 

Who else is jealous of a church plant getting interviewed by Tom Brokaw?  If you haven’t heard about this, check it out here.  Guys, this is a big deal.  Tadd is a big encourager to Mike and I and he really believes in the vision of our church.  All this is to say, pray for God to bring about many efforts for His kingdom through Tadd and his church. This is also something that we spark a lot of conversations about church plants and all – so nationwide it could be beneficial for the church.

New day, new journey.  May each of you be filled with newness and restoration as God reveals to you more of His kingdom and His heart. 


new stuff today

Ok, so I am excited about today.  I have a lot to do today, but tonight, I am getting with some people and we are going to be singing some Christmas songs preparing for the party on December 12th here in the Fork.  It is going to be an exciting time.  I am not completely sure who all can make it tonight but whoever is here is going to be in for a treat.  Kekic’s house at 7 pm tonight. 

So, the patio blog has a new evotional up.  Check it out here

That’s all for now. 

important stuff

One more post, sorry.

We are having a rehearsal tomorrow for all those who wish to sing carols for the Christmas party here in the Fork.  It will be at the Kekics at 7 pm.  Fun stuff will happen.  We might even make you wear hats.  Please come if you can. 

Also, don’t be shocked but I got a haircut.  Ears are definitely lowered extremely.  I even shaved.  I can actually wear hats now.

Songs of the week:
“Rocky Racoon” – Beatles
“Glass” – Ingrid Michaelson
“Another Part of me” – Michael Jackson
“Drifting” – Andy Mckee
“World Spins Madly on” – the Weepies
“A Sunday Smile” – Beirut (never have I ever heard a song quite like this)

emotion: tired but happy

Waking up tired, knowing that the day is long, sends me in a whirlwind of emotions.  I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked last night and I have a long day ahead of me.  And no, the lack of sleep was not due to watching 24.  I simply couldn’t go to bed. 

But I finished the paper.  Two trips to coffee shops and one trip to Panera with a friend.  And finally done. 

So here is a recap of what the knee specialist told me.  I am going to paraphrase a little though (for your enjoyment):
Doc: “So how does it feel?” 
Bunch: “It feels a whole lot better.  A bunch better really.” 
Doc: “Well, since that is the case, let us cancel your MRI and then have you just work out your knee on your own with an exercise bike, etc…”
Bunch: “Oh no –  I want surgery.”  – Didn’t really, just wanted to make the story better. 
Doc: “You don’t need surgery.  You are fine.  Stop complaining and go home.  I have a long day ahead of me and many more patients so get off my back….You can walk. I healed you.” 

Doc: “Just don’t run, you pansy.” 

So yeah, I don’t have to do anything except take it easy for a little bit and work out my knee using only slight resistance.  By the way, the Doctor was funny, not mean. 

In closing: why haven’t you gone out and bought 24 yet?  Not many more left – I promise you will never be the same once you start watching. 

be remarkable today

I am realizing more and more about myself as the days go by.  Take this for example:  I thought I liked the big dogs but Starbucks ain’t the best in my opinion.  I think I like dynasties like the Patriots destroying everyone or the Tarheels but more importantly, I like great things.  I am learning to get over good things and focusing on great things.  Remarkable things. 

So I think I appreciate Caribou Coffee more than Starbucks.  Blasphemy, I know but come on, Caribou has freaking bears on the wall.  Top that, Starbucks.  The coffee is awesome too, not that I would know because hot drinks aren’t my thing.  But there Cookies-n-Creme Snowdrift – to die for. 

All this to say:  let’s go for the things that are remarkable.  Let us shy away from ordinary or just getting by and really tap into the remarkable. 

Hot tea at Caribou is not so remarkable – because it literally burned my tongue.  I can’t taste right now.  It’s the hotness. 

be remarkable today. 


Ok, recap
Lots of fun over the holiday.  Tons of time with family.  Got to hang out with some sweet food as well. 

Then church today.  Time with each of you was great.  We missed those who couldn’t make it today.  Hope time away treated you well.  Ok, so I have to make an apology.  In the midst of all the setup and preparing for the service, it completely slipped my mind about having an offering plate/basket/bucket/jar/container.   I think we are the only church who forgets this.  Sorry, my bad.

Ok, then on Saturday, I went to Walmart and noticed that they had the show 24 on sale for $20.  Awesome deal.  I picked up a couple and my dad finished out the collection.  I am rewatching it and I am already rehooked in the midst of doing my paper.

In conclusion, I just wish to ask for prayers because this week is going to be trying on me.  I have a lot of things coming up and I can already sense my frustration.  Well goodnight to all and I can’t wait to see each of you again. 

Let’s be remarkable this week in all that we do.  Also, let us remember to observe the Sabbath so that we can get a chance to restore our souls.  In the words of Jeff Chauncey, let us work hard to rest. 

rushing emotions, Thanksgiving, and the gods aren’t angry

This has been such an interesting week.  It has been a rush of emotions – up/down, straight/sideways.  All over the place.  It has also been a week of foundation for me in God.  I have had so much time with God that it is changing me to the core. 

So, I just wish to write that each of you have a great Thanksgiving.  I am really excited about giving Mike a week off (partially) because I think he deserves it just like the rest of us.  I am excited about tomorrow being Thanksgiving – and spending some time with the Bunches of people who are my relatives.  I always love the times that I get to spend with them. 

But tonight, I get to see someone who is a big influence in my walk with God.  Rob Bell (yep, the Nooma guy, Mars Hill guy, and all around awesome guy).  He is on a speaking tour at the moment titled “The Gods aren’t angry.”   and I am thoroughly excited about seeing him again.  I am also going with a group of friends whom I have known a long time so that will be good to catch up with them and all. 

Well happy Thanksgiving to each of you.