no shower this month, thus far

Tonight, I have been sparked to write music.  More of it.  I mean I write some but not much.  I want to spend a lot of my time writing the discoverings that God is revealing to me.  I am learning so much more about music than ever before and it seems weird because no one is pushing me in that matter.  I am just yearning for it.  I am going to fix the trumpet and go crazy at it because it is such a great hobby that I love.  I have been playing the piano a whole lot lately and guitar is starting to click more and more everyday.  The past few days I have had a few great jam sessions with people.  Awesomeness. 

So, we have an awesome treat (still in Halloween word-mode) on Sunday.  Two really great friends and musicians will be joining us for worship.  Both are excellent to play with and worship with.  I am thoroughly excited about this Sunday. 

Well, I have had a long and drawn out day so I am going to move actively towards bed. 

Weekend excitement: 
Guitar lessons tomorrow (I love being pushed musically),
Poker night (or as I call it, whipping up the other boys into shape),
Small group (sharing lives with others – always exciting),
Gathering as a church for the last time at the Kekics (translated this means, I have to wake up early and get out of my pajamas to go down to the Info Center – oh well, we all have to make sacrifices for the kingdom somehow)


2 thoughts on “no shower this month, thus far

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  2. Thanks for leading our small group. I am impressed by your poker winnings and was inspired to blog comment to you to thank you for leading small group and before i get your email tell you that i didn’t see Kenny Rodgers song “when the dealings done” on your top 500. Just kiddin. Have a nice day and let this inform you that you are loved (JEN PARKER, BROOKE< MASON and JR JUNKYARD DOG:)

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