chaotic moments

Well life for me recently has been kind of chaotic.  Most of it (ok, pretty much all of it) is because of taking on too much.  Or at least for not getting everything done in a timely manner.  I am asking for prayer in this manner because I do not wish to live less than the calling that God has put on me.  I want to live life abundantly. 

 Two things I could use prayer for today:
1) I am sending out more letters this morning.  I am really excited about calling everyone on this wave of sent letters.  Pray for them to trust God as to what to do.  Pray for encouragment for me, because sometimes it is easy to get frustrated with fundraising.

2) Busyness.  I have not made much room for life recently and I am starting to feel it weigh me down.  Pray for a focus on only the things that God wishes for me to do. 


2 thoughts on “chaotic moments

  1. Man, I definitely struggle with that too. I try to do too many things, and I don’t do any of them when they should be done. I’ll be praying, bro.

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