living more remarkably

Tomorrow is going to be a much needed break for me.  I am ecstatic about having one for a day.  It is not my Sabbath but just another day of rest.  I am fearful that if I don’t take it, I will just burst. 

So, today I got to spend a lot of time playing music, which is always a great feeling.  It was like connecting with a long time friend.  Refreshing. 

I am excited about this Sunday because I am going to be speaking this week.  I always love seeing what God will put on my heart during these times of preparation.  He always teaches me more than I could ever express. 

Some thoughts so far this week:
I am not living remarkably.  I am living ok and I might even say, quite good.  I am doing a decent job at maintaining a status quo of life.  But not remarkable. 

This week I have been reading Purple Cow, by Seth Godin.  Dang, it is like worship for me.  It is showing me how much I fall short of God and how I really want to go head on into Him with all that I have.  

Are you living remarkable?  If not, how can you be?  These are questions that I am starting to ask myself.  Today I did that, and had some great conversations as well as some really deep time in music.  I am loving it more and more. 

Live remarkably.  Don’t settle for mediocrity. 


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