knee updates

There are questions that I have been asked all day.
here are some answers for them: 
First off, I did hurt my knee pretty bad and I do not know how it happened really.
Second, Mike took me to an Orthopedic Specialist and they said that it is definitely some ripping in the cartilage.  The doctor gave me a shot of Cortozone in the knee (not a great spot for a needle).  Also, I got crutches and a brace.  I asked for a cane (like House) but she said not right now.  But she did promise that if I need surgery (which is a likely option), I can have a cane (as a treat very similar to a sucker for children who get shots). 

So pray for me about this.  It is quite frustrating as well as quite painful.  I didn’t get any medicine for the pain other than Ibuprofen.  Also, pray for me to reach for God with all that I have during this period. 


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