weird feelings

I have been in this odd mood over the past few days.  I feel out of it in many senses.  Maybe it is the whole knee thing, maybe it is the conviction God is bringing out in me.  But regardless, I am just in one of those moods. 

To help me get out of this mood, I got to spend some time last night rehearsing as well as getting to know Tanya a little bit more.  It was a great time of fellowship and something I would not have missed for all the world. 

On a similar path, I am excited about how the worship ministry is coming along.  I had a great conversation on the phone last night getting coached in ministry and we talked about how to build a great worship ministry.  I was thoroughly pushed because of it.  I have a lot of great ideas that should take this thing to the next level.  However, even at the moment, we have a bunch of people who wish to be a part of it and it is an exciting time to be doing music.  Stay on the lookout for people to help with cultivating a culture of worship. 


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