rushing emotions, Thanksgiving, and the gods aren’t angry

This has been such an interesting week.  It has been a rush of emotions – up/down, straight/sideways.  All over the place.  It has also been a week of foundation for me in God.  I have had so much time with God that it is changing me to the core. 

So, I just wish to write that each of you have a great Thanksgiving.  I am really excited about giving Mike a week off (partially) because I think he deserves it just like the rest of us.  I am excited about tomorrow being Thanksgiving – and spending some time with the Bunches of people who are my relatives.  I always love the times that I get to spend with them. 

But tonight, I get to see someone who is a big influence in my walk with God.  Rob Bell (yep, the Nooma guy, Mars Hill guy, and all around awesome guy).  He is on a speaking tour at the moment titled “The Gods aren’t angry.”   and I am thoroughly excited about seeing him again.  I am also going with a group of friends whom I have known a long time so that will be good to catch up with them and all. 

Well happy Thanksgiving to each of you. 


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