Ok, recap
Lots of fun over the holiday.  Tons of time with family.  Got to hang out with some sweet food as well. 

Then church today.  Time with each of you was great.  We missed those who couldn’t make it today.  Hope time away treated you well.  Ok, so I have to make an apology.  In the midst of all the setup and preparing for the service, it completely slipped my mind about having an offering plate/basket/bucket/jar/container.   I think we are the only church who forgets this.  Sorry, my bad.

Ok, then on Saturday, I went to Walmart and noticed that they had the show 24 on sale for $20.  Awesome deal.  I picked up a couple and my dad finished out the collection.  I am rewatching it and I am already rehooked in the midst of doing my paper.

In conclusion, I just wish to ask for prayers because this week is going to be trying on me.  I have a lot of things coming up and I can already sense my frustration.  Well goodnight to all and I can’t wait to see each of you again. 

Let’s be remarkable this week in all that we do.  Also, let us remember to observe the Sabbath so that we can get a chance to restore our souls.  In the words of Jeff Chauncey, let us work hard to rest. 


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