be remarkable today

I am realizing more and more about myself as the days go by.  Take this for example:  I thought I liked the big dogs but Starbucks ain’t the best in my opinion.  I think I like dynasties like the Patriots destroying everyone or the Tarheels but more importantly, I like great things.  I am learning to get over good things and focusing on great things.  Remarkable things. 

So I think I appreciate Caribou Coffee more than Starbucks.  Blasphemy, I know but come on, Caribou has freaking bears on the wall.  Top that, Starbucks.  The coffee is awesome too, not that I would know because hot drinks aren’t my thing.  But there Cookies-n-Creme Snowdrift – to die for. 

All this to say:  let’s go for the things that are remarkable.  Let us shy away from ordinary or just getting by and really tap into the remarkable. 

Hot tea at Caribou is not so remarkable – because it literally burned my tongue.  I can’t taste right now.  It’s the hotness. 

be remarkable today. 


One thought on “be remarkable today

  1. I enjoy being remarkable. I have a remarkable ability to sit with a friend while they do work, just to be there as an encourager (hope I was encouraging rather than distracting, lol). I had fun, and I hope you get that paper finished so you can watch 24.

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