emotion: tired but happy

Waking up tired, knowing that the day is long, sends me in a whirlwind of emotions.  I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked last night and I have a long day ahead of me.  And no, the lack of sleep was not due to watching 24.  I simply couldn’t go to bed. 

But I finished the paper.  Two trips to coffee shops and one trip to Panera with a friend.  And finally done. 

So here is a recap of what the knee specialist told me.  I am going to paraphrase a little though (for your enjoyment):
Doc: “So how does it feel?” 
Bunch: “It feels a whole lot better.  A bunch better really.” 
Doc: “Well, since that is the case, let us cancel your MRI and then have you just work out your knee on your own with an exercise bike, etc…”
Bunch: “Oh no –  I want surgery.”  – Didn’t really, just wanted to make the story better. 
Doc: “You don’t need surgery.  You are fine.  Stop complaining and go home.  I have a long day ahead of me and many more patients so get off my back….You can walk. I healed you.” 

Doc: “Just don’t run, you pansy.” 

So yeah, I don’t have to do anything except take it easy for a little bit and work out my knee using only slight resistance.  By the way, the Doctor was funny, not mean. 

In closing: why haven’t you gone out and bought 24 yet?  Not many more left – I promise you will never be the same once you start watching. 


2 thoughts on “emotion: tired but happy

  1. I’m glad that you don’t have to have surgery. But I do believe that the best part was that your doctor called you a pansy!! haha

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