Well, as Mike mentioned earlier, we have an exciting month ahead of us.  Personally, it is an exciting month for me as well. 

Will and I are trying to find a house to rent out here in the Fork.  We looked at one yesterday and dang, it is home to me.  But we need a roommate.  If you know one, email me at  Also, pray that God would open doors for relationships to be built because of our transition into a new area of the Fork.  We don’t really know many people in the part of the community that the house is in so it could be a huge thing. 

Who else is jealous of a church plant getting interviewed by Tom Brokaw?  If you haven’t heard about this, check it out here.  Guys, this is a big deal.  Tadd is a big encourager to Mike and I and he really believes in the vision of our church.  All this is to say, pray for God to bring about many efforts for His kingdom through Tadd and his church. This is also something that we spark a lot of conversations about church plants and all – so nationwide it could be beneficial for the church.

New day, new journey.  May each of you be filled with newness and restoration as God reveals to you more of His kingdom and His heart. 


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