weekend recap

This is an exciting week for me.  Some great conversations to be heard all leading to the climax of two parties on Friday and Saturday out here in the Fork.  What else can be said – This week is a party. 

Patio – we have a lot to look forward to in the next month.  Only one month until our first preview service.  It will be a month to acquire a lot – volunteers, equipment and many prayers and time with new friends and families. 

Ok, so recap of the weekend –
1) As Mike said, the small group that I am a part of is awesome.  We had such a good time of fellowship at Chilo’s on Saturday.  Thanks guys for being so caring for each other.  You are always seeking out new ways to share your lives with others. 

2) game night – I had an unbelievable time saving people as the nurse in Mafia (I was the nurse 75% of the time – what up with that, Kristan?) It was a great time of fellowship. 

3) gathering together on Sunday – so it was an awesome time of worship in my opinion.  God really hit me with a bunch of things as we sang the songs.  “we love you Jesus for so many reasons, for death and life and freedom” – that sums up most of last week for me.  Mike did an awesome job of showing me what it means to be remarkable in love.  1 John 4 – check it out. 

4) Halo – I love this game.  Even though, some can acquire injuries playing it.  Mike and I joined the Boyds on Sunday afternoon playing this game.  It was a great time of fellowship.  Thank God for this new family.  They have already become a huge part of my life and experience here in the Patio.  It is great to see how they are coming more alive in this movement known as the Patio.  They are all a story that we should celebrate.  Just think, Jen Buckner and I knocked on a door of someone here in the community and they already had a church but they passed the flyers out to their friends who just happened to be the Boyds.  Great movement of God right there. 

Ok, that is the weekend, I had so much fun thought I would share a bunch of it with you.  So this week is pretty big for me and for us as a church, pray for us to remain focused on God in everything we do.  Pray for God to open up many doors for our children’s ministry because it is getting to maximum capacity and we haven’t even launched.  That is exciting to me.  That is a great image of coming alive – we are to be bursting at the seams so much that we can’t even contain it.  God truly overflows. 


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