day of lots

Well, I sent out the newsletter (December) for those on the support list that I have.  If you didn’t receive it, let me know by emailing me and typing subscribe in the subject line.  Here is my email:  So yeah, exciting times are ahead.  I get to have a hugely busy day today.  With seminary ending yesterday, I have to spend some time studying and finishing the massive amounts of reading required for the exams next week.  Three in the same day – not the best manifestion of 3 in 1 in my opinion. 

However the rest of the day, I get to spend some time with Mike dreaming up some stuff for our launch as well as lunch with a good friend and then followed by teaching guitar lessons, caroling rehearsal (for the party next Wednesday which will be off the hook – thanks Starmount for putting this on), and leadership time later tonight.  What a day. 

Pray for the caroling because we are all coming together and it will be an interesting time because we have some wild people. 

Also, pray that we will be good examples of friends to neighbors at the party next week.  The party will seriously have around 200 to 400 people there.  Caroling for hundreds, that will be a new experience.  Oh well, we will rock it out. 


One thought on “day of lots

  1. Oh my golly, 3 exams in one day?!?! That’s crazy! I’ll be praying for your exams and the party next week. You guys will be great 🙂

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