times they’r a’changin

Ok, I forgot how much I love yogurt.  I had gone a little bit without the creamy delight, and let me say, frustrations were being created during this time.  How could I give up this great wonder of creation? 

Well, tonight, actually 3 minutes ago, I had a great cup full, or whatever size they come in.  Dang.  Oh my wow.  Dang, it was good.  Yoplait is up there at the top of my wish list this Christmas year. 

Well, I have not been on the book of faces for a week now and let me tell you, I kind of miss it.  I really wish I got to check to see what new things are going on in my friend’s lives.  Or even to see what new relationships are forming and who is breaking up.  I mean, come on, you don’t even need to stalk someone if you have facebook.  It does it for you.  But needless to say, even though I kind of miss it, I really have had more meaningful relationships.  I have called more people than normal.  I have hung out with people more than normal. 

Isn’t it odd that the little things that we do make the biggest differences in our world? 

Well instead of my normal routine of watching a movie and chilling on Facebook, I am going to eat some yogurt and watch some funny videos a friend lent me. 

News update: the lease will be signed tomorrow for the new house.  We will have a house warming party (because apparently, the heat bill is a lot), to which all of you will be invited. 

Also, who else loves getting new things in the mail?  Even old things in the mail would be sweet.  But new things, new brown packages tied up with string, “these are a few of my favorite things.”  I got a package today.  Yay, joy has spread to my heart.  Not really an important package but it makes me feel important. 

Last sentence:  pray for this weekend here at the Patio, we have a big party for the community that will be awesome (I picked out my ugly sweater and I want to hurl).  Done.


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