giving up things that distract

Well, Mike has been doing a great little series about overcoming laziness, and man, it is really hitting me. 

This is the biggest struggle that I face.  It is so easy for me to lose sight of many hours throughout my day.  I don’t know if you struggle with this, but I do.  His blog today was concerning distractions.  This is the thing I am learning to be most careful about.  To be most watchful of. 

Well, I am currently working on a list of things that I am going to fast for a while.  I am going to try to do certain fasts for a month and see how they go.  After a month, I will evaluate my need for that specific thing or at least, evaluate the consumptions that I allow myself to have of those items.  The fasting started this month, when I began fasting any time spent on facebook.  It will lead to a fast of food, soft drinks, even eating out, television, books not of the bible, music – other than rehearsals for the Patio, and various other things that I am teaching myself to not lean on. 

It was interesting to fast tv for a day.  Wednesday night, Mike challenged Will to fast the tube for a day and I decided to join in later that night.  But the thing I found out was that when I went to the gym, without even thinking about it, I got on a stationary bike and it had a tv on it and I began to watch.  Three or so minutes into it, I realized that it was on.  I had failed without even noticing.  How sad is that.  Well I haven’t watched an ounce since then and man, I feel refreshed.  I feel that I am able to do more work which is odd because I don’t really spend much time on the telly.  I never watch cable as there are too many commercials.  I only watch tv show box sets which can lead to many hours but recently, I have limited myself to very little of that.   

But I read an article today that hit me hard about television.  If you feel that you watch too much television, read this


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