wedding and journey

Well, today I went to another wedding.  My sophomore roommate got married today.  It was great.  Small and intimate.  I liked it a whole lot.  Got to catch up with a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years.  The wedding brought people from Germany, Hawaii, New York all back to the G-boro.  It was great.  I had a ton of fun.  And the best part is that I now have planned trips to Germany, Hawaii, and New York to visit for a couple weeks in 08.  It will be good times.  Free place to stay and good sightseeing on the way.  In Hawaii, I am going to go skydiving and film it. 

Ok, enough of that excitement.  I have another great thing to talk about.  Ok, here’s the deal, I love Journey.  Yep, the band.  And a while back, Steve Perry, the singer, stopped being a part of the band (really sad) so they have been missing a vocalist.  Anyways, the guitarist, his name slips my mind at the moment, went searching for a vocalist on youtube where he spent hours.  He finally has found one and I must say, dang, he is good.  His name is Arnel Pineda and check out this cover song of Journey that got him the new position. 


3 thoughts on “wedding and journey

  1. I am easily distracted as we all know 🙂 I to am going to start fasting from things so that I can feast on the love and word of God.

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