christmas (it’s the best time of the year)

Christmas time is always a favorite of mine.This week has so far started with a bang of excitement and joy.  We had Bunch Christmas on Sunday (always a time I look forward to) and it went by very fast.  I believe that I was at the party for about 8 hours plus.  That is an awesome family.  I don’t take it for granted that I have a family that can come together so easily and have an awesome time.  We can kid with each other and all in all, make fun of each other.  Great times.  Then on Monday, Christmas Eve, a friend and I went to Newspring to see their Christmas Eve service.  I have always enjoyed Perry Noble‘s blog and it was great to get another chance to go see what God is doing in their church.  The service started off with an elf picking us up on his “sleigh” and taking us to the front door.  Then the service went on and dang, the music was awesome, with a girl who can sing better than any I have ever heard (live).  It was unbelievable.  It was really not a time for me to sing but a time for me to just listen and enjoy.  I was speechless (as most of you know, that is a miracle in itself).  Then Perry Noble spoke.  It was great.  He is such a passionate and hilarious speaker.  He really hit me to the core with his message.  One statement that stuck out to me was, “Christmas is not about Jesus.  Life is about Jesus.”  That hit me because he was referring to how churches always spend time discussing his birth on Christmas and ignore it the rest of the year.   It hit me.  Then Christmas day.  I usually can’t sleep the night before.  Ever.  No matter what.  Even when I know what I am getting.  I can’t usually sleep.  But this year, I did.  I was worn out from the drive to Anderson, SC.  I even slept in until 9 am.  Then went over to my uncle’s house for an amazing breakfast (as the usual year brings about).  After that, fun-filled morning, I went over to Chapel Hill to hang with another uncle.  It was a great time of hanging out with my grandma. I loved it.  Then today.  I rode with my dad in his truck to SC.  I have never ridden in a big rig so today was a first.  Awesome time.  I got to spend some time watching “Band of Brothers,” the gift I gave to my dad for Christmas.  I will do a small group with Band of Brothers someday, watch out Reedy Fork.   Ok, to give some details to the next week for me, here is a list of things I get to do:Thursday – guitar lessons, and shopping for a sound systemFriday – chill time Saturday – nothing Sunday – Patio, and then the most amazing thing will happen – the Tarheel game with my dad.  They will destroy the crappy team that they have to play.  Monday – Will and I are moving into the new house in the Fork.  If you can help us move in, email me at Tuesday – ’08 starts.   


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