new start and stuff to help me get there

With a new year we get new experiences, new resolutions, essentially a new start. 

I am excited about all that this year has been so far.  So far, I have got to start living in a new house.  Awesomeness. 

On Saturday, we start a new journey as a church.  We have a prayer service that I am really excited about it, as well as Saturday being a preview service for the community.  Who knows what God is going to bring about? 

Ok, I have tons of stuff to do for this weekend and next week, so I just want to give some new years resolutions for you all to ask me about and hold me to:

Health – my family is doing a biggest loser competition – the prize is almost $400 so I need to win. 
gym – 3 to 4 times a week
bike – 2 to 3 times a week
running – once my knee heals
pushup regiment that Mladen gave me – do more consistently
eat healthier

follow budget more consistently
eat out only when necessary
get up to saving 25 percent of income
get up to giving away 25 percent of income

stop laziness before it starts (this is the biggest one for me and most guys) – any task that takes less than 5 minutes – do immediately
practice guitar more faithfully
write songs more actively – work with someone else at least once a month

get up earlier – maybe even 6 am (doubt it, because I am a night person)
read more frequently
listen to podcasts more frequently
challenge myself spiritually and relationally

don’t let anything get in the way of Lost (on Thursdays now)
reach out to neighbors actively
be more committed to building relationships

different fasts throughout the year (maybe even a long, long fast)
start fasting one day a week (I always find it baffling to hear that the early church fasted 2 days every week – and yes they only fasted food – when did we start calling a fast other things?)
spending time with God before I do anything else and more time throughout the day, just Him and I
stay committed to the bible reading plan


4 thoughts on “new start and stuff to help me get there

  1. Wow, that’s alot of resolutions! That’s great that your family is doing the biggest loser thing! I will be happy to help you with eating habits if you want. You should definitely win!

  2. Those are good resolutions. I love hearing what other people resolve to do, because that inspires and challenges me further…that’s a big list, good luck 🙂

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