what, am I writing again? the answer is yes.

Ok, for some reason, I have been down lately.  Not really depressed or too busy to think but really just out of it.  Out of life.  Stuck in a rut.  Routine. 

Don’t really understand it but I am excited about what the future holds. 

Ok, just one think before I fall asleep.  The cookout on Friday evening was really fun.  We had a number of households come out and the greatest thing was that we spent most of the time talking to them just on the couches.  I just wish to thank everyone in the small group for helping out with the small details.  Thank you all. 

Will and I were still happy about it all today.  But today, I am happy to say that I got to play some flag football and run just a little.  First time running in a long time.  It felt great.  I will be easing back into it slowly but it was very encouraging. 

Ok, good night. 


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