breakdown for the remainder of the best week ever

Ok, ok – the best week ever always seem to turn out to be one of the worst.  At least, towards how I feel.  Unlike normal (which is meaning that I don’t really get sick), I feel as if I might be getting a fever or something.  Oh well, I am going to ignore it like I always do.  If I do have a fever, I rather not know about it, because then I will be conscious of it, and make myself “feel” sick.  Ignorance is bliss, eh? 

Anyways, this week has been really good so far, but as the weekend approaches, there are a lot of things going to happen.  Let me break it down for you: 
coffee with Jeff (last minute add but still awesome nonetheless)
getting worship media items
guitar lessons (loving it because only 2 today)
neighborhood watch meeting (the potential is staggering)
LOST (wow – climax of the week – if you haven’t found out, there is an 8 minute 15 second recap for free on iTunes. – free

sleeping in
guitar lessons (still adding students so not exactly sure how many on Friday)
Poker night (kablamo – that is what will happen to other people’s plans – they will get blown up by my mad skills)
Also, I will likely rewatch LOST with Will and some “others”. 

Small group (potentially 18 people might be here – including kids)
Cloverfield spoof (yep, our church is doing a Cloverfield spoof to promote an upcoming series – if you can make it, come on)
rehearsing with the Chris for the gathering on Sunday

doing our first setup with sound and media (pray for things to go smoothly)
2nd preview service (don’t know what to expect – God is good, what else matters)


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