Ok, I have not written any blogs over the past little bit.  I honestly don’t know why.  Maybe it is the lack of creativity that I have felt or the busyness of everything starting back up for me.  Or who knows.  Either way, I am thoroughly excited about all that is coming up in the near future for me.  The church I am a part of is reaching its launch date, 3-2-08.  It is coming close and things are beginning to build in my opinion.  Recently, I have felt so uneasy about all the things starting up but I know that my confidence is to be found in God and not in anything that I could do.  You know, I typed that last sentence without knowing the full truth of that.   So I have not done this in a while but I just want to list some PRs for each of you:pray for strength through trying times (up ahead with a church launch)pray for wisdom (about how to meet people in the Fork and for all the leaders)pray for great things (for God to do something bigger than we can imagine)


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