Lost questions

I love LOST.  I do.  I really do.  I don’t understand it, but I live with it. 

So I am now going to devote a blog to the show. 

BEWARE – don’t read ahead, questions about the show are ahead.  If you aren’t caught up, please don’t ruin this for yourself.  Watch it, it’s better when you see it first.  I have not read any spoilers from here on out, so these are just questions posed for the season so far. 


Ok, I loved the Ghostbusters in the 80s and 90s, how come they brought them back with Miles? 

Week old I know but what is up with the reference to C.S. Lewis in the freighter girl Charlotte? 

Ben?  What is he? 

Why has the cabin moved?  I know that the volcanic ash was supposed to hold Jacob to that spot and it is still there; where did he go?  And why did Locke and Ben look at Hurley so strangely when he mentioned the cabin? 

If Jacob can’t be found (because he summons you), why is Ben surprised that Locke is looking for Jacob and not finding him? 

Just a little thought: who else thinks that Michael is Ben’s man on the boat? 

Why is Walt taller? 

If you know Michael Astuto, do you think Karl looks like him? 

And where the crap is Jin and Sun? 

Will Jack ever find out about his sister Claire? 

Is the big creepy black guy from the first two episodes (the one who visits Hurley in the asylum and the one talking to Naomi in that big room), is he a Dharma employee? Matthew Abaddon, is his name I found out.  Abaddon is a biblical reference meaning “a destroyer of the abyss.”   

Why did the helicopter contain an anthropologist, a paranormal specialist, and a physicist – basically all the stations are represented?  Weird. 

And the clincher: why is Sayid working for Ben? 


4 thoughts on “Lost questions

  1. Thanks for summing up some of my questions and reminding me of others that I had forgotten. I had COMPLETELY forgotten that Claire and Jack are siblings! I don’t have any answers though although Mike would agree that Michael is on the boat.

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