the water guild strike


Who knew we needed it that much?  Well I didn’t appreciate H20 until yesterday, when we ran out.  Ran out – I didn’t mean to sound like there is a drought.  What I mean is, Will didn’t sign us up for water at our house (we were running off the previous tenants, which is weird). 

I tried to wash the dishes and the water started then quit.  Went on strike.  So I went to the bathrooms to see if those went on strike too.  They did.  The Water Guild of our house quit because they weren’t getting enough perks from serving us (very reminiscent of the Writers Guild, I know).   So I made some very important phone calls (one to Will – “how come you didn’t sign us up for water, didn’t you think we needed it?”) and found out that I had to meet with the Water Department of Greensboro and negotiate a deal in order to transfer water into my name for our house.  The deal only cost me $115 and it was back on within hours.  See, it is good to pay. 

by the way, I am not mad at Will.  We still live together.  We even played soccer last night. 


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