info for funeral and visitation

I have had a bittersweet past few days.  As some of you know, my grandma passed away on Tuesday, March 18.  I loved her very, very much and miss her so much already.  But because of this tragedy, which was to be expected because of her recent failing health, my family has united in a very true and inspiring way. 

For those who knew her or the family and would like to attend the visitation, it will be at Pugh funeral home (on the website, click Claudine Bunch to read about my amazing grandmother) in Asheboro, NC tonight at 6-8 pm.  And the funeral/memorial will be tomorrow at Central United Methodist Church  in Asheboro, NC at 11 am. 

 Thanks for all of your prayer and support in this time.  I love each of you very much. 



Well the past few days have been crazy.  I lead worship 3 times within 36 hours.  It was an exhilarating time.  I really miss leading worship through more opportunities.  I think that I am going to be leading some more youth groups as well as some Christian academies.  I feel this is something I am called to do with my music so I am going to pursue it more.

So, here are some updates on my grandmom:
– she is not talking much.  My cousin said that she hasn’t talked much since last Thursday. 
– the hospice nurse said, last week, that she would be surprised if she made it through the night.  Then, she made it through the weekend and now they are saying that she probably won’t make it through this week. 
– I just ask for each of you to pray that God would bring peace to my family.  My grandma has a huge peace right now (a pastor friend of ours said that he has never seen anyone with so much peace right before passing on). 

I will try to keep each of you informed.  I am not going backpacking because I do not want to be away if anything happens this week. 

dying to come alive

  • Well I had a busy day. Very eventful but a whole lot of fun.  I got to see the Tarheels win the ACC tournament.  I got to lead worship at the Patio and then lead worship at my old church, the Ridge’s youth group.  It was a lot of fun but right now I am completely worn out.  I don’t think I could do 3 or 4 services like that every week.  But man, did God move?  It was awesome.  The Patio is doing some amazing things and today was one of them.  We might be making some growth in the music ministry in the next few weeks.  And to play at the Ridge again, after so long, was such a great experience.  There was such a great movement of God there tonight and a youth even got saved.  Good stuff.  
  • I have a new quote that came to me tonight – “I’m dying to come alive.”  It centers around the idea that God is calling us to die to ourselves in order to live for Him.  That has been our focus over the past few weeks in the Patio’s series, How to Kill your neighbor.  Living for others mean not living for ourselves.  
  • Last thing, please pray for my grandma.  She is really sick and Hospice has come by, which means there is likely not much time left.  It is just hard having something like this happen because I have never really lost someone close to me, other than my grandfather a couple years ago.  


they come in 2s

Ok, I haven’t been writing much recently.  Not exactly sure why.  But two things: 

  • I have been thinking on the thought that came from a paraphrased quote, “if you are not moving forward in something, you are moving backwards in it.”  Part of it came from Steve’s recent blog, and part of it came from somewhere I can’t remember   Either way, growing or dying in all things is quite an amazing concept to me. So I am trying to pursue certain things more, even more than before.  Things such as music and exercising.  Music, in the sense, of starting to teach trumpet lessons again and discovering how to play it once again after a long absence. And exercise, by joining an adult indoor soccer league with Will, which we tied last night in our first game.  
  • I found this hilarious post that everyone should check out, it is titled “if celebs moved to Oklahoma.” If you can imagine what gems you may find, see if you’re right by looking here.  

an old practice revived

Ok I have not done this in a while but here we go, some PRs:  1) we have a poker night tonight, pray that we make some good connections, 2) the little yellow cards that Mike referenced here, 3) finding a drummer to complete a good band rotation, 4) the new people who are starting to pour in, 5) using my time more wisely – I have learned this greatly through fasting tv, 6) that the teaching/creative team will be more creative and more hard-working than ever, and finally, 7) that everything continues to center around God as the Patio grows and as we learn how to truly start a church coming alive in desperation for God.  

I apologize

I have let frustration sink into my soul for some reason and over the past couple of weeks, I have felt like ignoring everyone.  I did not do this, even though, some circumstances made it look that way.  So I just want to express sorrow for my selfishness and apologize to each of you in the Patio for my ignor-ance over the past month or so.  I haven’t really been there for each of you and honestly, I am not sure why.  Maybe I am letting busyness get the best of me or whatever.  Anyways, I love each of you and I am expecting greater things from what God is already beginning to do out here.