they come in 2s

Ok, I haven’t been writing much recently.  Not exactly sure why.  But two things: 

  • I have been thinking on the thought that came from a paraphrased quote, “if you are not moving forward in something, you are moving backwards in it.”  Part of it came from Steve’s recent blog, and part of it came from somewhere I can’t remember   Either way, growing or dying in all things is quite an amazing concept to me. So I am trying to pursue certain things more, even more than before.  Things such as music and exercising.  Music, in the sense, of starting to teach trumpet lessons again and discovering how to play it once again after a long absence. And exercise, by joining an adult indoor soccer league with Will, which we tied last night in our first game.  
  • I found this hilarious post that everyone should check out, it is titled “if celebs moved to Oklahoma.” If you can imagine what gems you may find, see if you’re right by looking here.  

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