dying to come alive

  • Well I had a busy day. Very eventful but a whole lot of fun.  I got to see the Tarheels win the ACC tournament.  I got to lead worship at the Patio and then lead worship at my old church, the Ridge’s youth group.  It was a lot of fun but right now I am completely worn out.  I don’t think I could do 3 or 4 services like that every week.  But man, did God move?  It was awesome.  The Patio is doing some amazing things and today was one of them.  We might be making some growth in the music ministry in the next few weeks.  And to play at the Ridge again, after so long, was such a great experience.  There was such a great movement of God there tonight and a youth even got saved.  Good stuff.  
  • I have a new quote that came to me tonight – “I’m dying to come alive.”  It centers around the idea that God is calling us to die to ourselves in order to live for Him.  That has been our focus over the past few weeks in the Patio’s series, How to Kill your neighbor.  Living for others mean not living for ourselves.  
  • Last thing, please pray for my grandma.  She is really sick and Hospice has come by, which means there is likely not much time left.  It is just hard having something like this happen because I have never really lost someone close to me, other than my grandfather a couple years ago.  



2 thoughts on “dying to come alive

  1. You made all of the youths’ day by being there. They have been asking me about you for forever! They were all very excited to see you and very appreciative!

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