book to check out

For any church leaders out there who read this blog (I don’t know why you would really be on this blog but whatever), check out Tim Steven‘s new book, Pop goes the church.  I just finished it and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges he was presenting.  Well worth your time.  

I truly believe that the church needs to be more artistic than the culture.  It wasn’t that long ago when the culture was always a step behind in art from the church.  Now it seems that we are many steps behind, if we are even truly on the journey towards artistic expression.  Many times it is just imitation that we attempt to do.  

God is really stretching me in this area at the moment and I look forward to becoming more focused artistically as an expression of my faith and devotion to Jesus.  


One thought on “book to check out

  1. We really need more Arts in the church! We also need a safe nurturing place for artists. I want to read that book! I’ll add it to my summer reading list!

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