times they are a’changing

Well, I have been in an indoor adult soccer league over the past 3 months and now we are in the playoffs.  We won the first round and we play next Tuesday and then who knows.  But we played well.  I got a couple of assists and a goal.  Whipped it right past that goalie!!! He cried, I think because it was so fast.  The Reeves were cheering us on or in my case telling me to slow it down because the other team couldn’t keep up (lies, all lies). 

Anyways, I am thoroughly excited about Thursday.  It is our spring break at Southeastern, which means one day off.  I will spend it sleeping in, reading for a long time, going to the community dinner, and then watching the return of Lost.  Oh man, I am thoroughly excited about Lost returning.  I watched a recap this morning and it was crazy fast, like 4 minutes and 24 seconds.  Good stuff, google it. 

Ok, I am off to sleep.  Tomorrow, I get to have lunch with a great worship leader here in town, Eric Freeman, at Daystar.  I always get a lot out of our times together.  He is such a humble person and I always come away feeling really prideful and sinful. 

Pray that God will continue to bless his ministry at Daystar (God is up to some big things there). 



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