dinner in the Fork (cheesy pun but great)

Well I went to the community dinner at Mike‘s house.  It was a lot of fun.  This is the way that we have been doing small groups for a while.  It is something that has taken a while to get used to, just because of our perspective of what church should be but the connections that were made were really, really good.  It wasn’t as if things were spiritual versus superficial but that everything was spiritual.  It is setup not as a strict bible study or as a small group based on the teaching from the previous Sunday. It is based purely around whatever is going on in our lives.  The whole thing will be free and open to anything.  If someone brings up a question we discuss it and we work through it together.  

I really felt freeing being there this evening.  It felt weird, but only because we have an idea of what a small group should look like.  At least, how it should look like to us.  

Well I think that God is doing some big things out here in the Fork, just through the relationships that are starting to form and others that are deepening.  Pray for strength and transparency for each of us as we open up to people about the love that God has for them.  Pray that we will love with the sacrifice of Christ. Pray for more opportunities to open.  

Also, if you see Will, congratulate him on his new entrepreneurial endeavor in the landscaping field.  It seems to be booming at the moment and I trust that God is going to open the doors for more homes in Reedy Fork.  


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