time at elevation

So today, I got to go down to Elevation Church in Charlotte. It was a great trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with God on the way.

Then I got to Elevation after missing a couple turns. And I was overwhelmed (in a great way) but friendly people greeting me as a first time guest. It was crazy. There was seriously like 10 or 20 people who greeted me before I even got inside. Then I got inside and more people talked to me. It was awesome.

Then the band started playing. They played 3 songs (burn for you – fee, look to you – hillsong united, to know your name – hillsong). They did a better job on these songs than the artists who wrote them did. It was astounding. Very energetic.

Then Steven Furtick came up. God spoke to me through him in a great way. He was talking about how small things are really the new big. It was great. I needed to hear it so much. Many times I focus on not getting the big things when I don’t tend to do the small things as well. But as Furtick pointed out today, God is in the business of using whatever we have to do big things. The only thing that we have to do is to give him something, anything. And as Matthew 25:21 says, “if we are faithful in the little things, God will give us big things (my own paraphrase).”

I went to Elevation in the mindset of looking for a new church, not that I am but just to see what others see when they first come to church, and I was blown away by the first impression that I have of the church. It was great. I got a t-shirt and a cd from them. Gifts are always good.

This was what my time at Elevation was like.


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