set list

Ok, we are in the final week of the Epic series.  
And I am sad to see it go, but that is life, we do have new things on the horizon.  

So here is the set list for this Sunday:
Walk this world (Charlie Hall) – this song is all about how we are desperately yearning to be a light in the dark places and also, it expresses a desire to remember that God is our bread and wine (He is our God) 

For who you are (Hillsong) – after all, knowing who God truly is will lead us to start journeys of our own with Him

In your freedom (Hillsong) –  Seeing how God has redeemed us and set us free, we can come alive to all that He is doing.  Knowing who we are in Christ will lead us to do things that come out of our devotion to Christ. 

Enough (Tomlin & Giglio) –  And to conclude the series, we will sing about how God is more than enough for all that we need.  He fulfills all of our desires and all of our groanings.  After all, He is the reason we live.  And as we go out to love and serve our neighbor, we need to be conscious of God’s love for us.  

Even though one series is ending, I am really excited about the next series, because my dear OLD roommate will be the speaker to kick off the next series, Where the wild things are, on May 18.  


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