things come in twos

Two things:
1) I am really catching on to this whole community thing.  I mean, I am finally start to see the benefits of embracing community more.  Recently, I went to Elevation church and it really challenged me and convicted me to be more in the community.  So I am taking steps to do that.  Today, I took a very small step.  Halo 3 with Mike and Brian.  I mean, it was little, but big.  Remember, small is the new big. 
Tomorrow I am going to guitar center with a friend and checking out some musical instruments (the sacrifices I make for community – sarcasm).  Basketball Saturday, hopefully if weather permits.  Two bike rides set up for the next few days, possibly or early next week. 

2) I am looking for some new musical influences.  I am trying to expand my horizons musically.  Answer me this: what are you listening to?  Also, does anyone know where I can get a good loopstation for the guitar. 

And another for the road, I was spending some time today working on the demo and I realized I am so dumb a lot of the time.  I got through a whole song, cover of a Beatles song, and realized I messed up the guitar work, so I have to start all over.  It seriously messed up everything.  So dumb, so dumb. 

3 thoughts on “things come in twos

  1. I have heard Phil Wickham. Really good. I need to listen more to him.

    Also, Cat Power I like. Different. Awesome. Rachel, you need to record some new stuff.

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