shuffled 05/11/08

Ok I haven’t done this in a week or so, sorry but here you go.  If you need to know how to hit shuffle on your iTunes, check out Conner’s instructions here.

1) “Keep on the sunny side” – Nitty Gritty Band featuring Mae Carter
2) “Capri” – Jay Jay Johnson (one of my favorite jazz tunes of all time)
3) “I saw the light” – David Crowder* Band (in keeping with the bluegrass feel, I guess)
4) “Winter – first movement (Four Seasons)” – Antonio Vivaldi (random)
5) “Awesome God” – Michael W. Smith (old school – I haven’t heart this in forever)
6) “Waging War” – Shane & Shane
7) “Beloved” – Derek Webb
8) “Daughters” – John Mayer Trio (from my favorite John Mayer album – “Try [Live]”
9) “My Guy” – Mary Wells (if I was a recording artist in any era, I would have loved to be on Motown)
10) “Man in the Mirror” – Michael Jackson (the song I have sung the most on this whole list)

Let me tell you that it is hard to decide which computer I should do the whole shuffle thing on.  This is from the old HP desktop.  


One thought on “shuffled 05/11/08

  1. Dude I was thinking of doing the same thing again and then I remembered, iTunes has been collecting a little dust with my newfound love for the internet radio. Pandora and LastFM have been battling pretty hard these past 2 weeks for my attention…LastFM just got on top.

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