eight is enough

Ok, there are so many things that I am excited about.  

1) the Chaunceys are officially residents of the Reedy Fork community.  I helped them move (a little bit) in today.  

2) Movies, movies and movies.  So many great films this summer. 

3) Pool party tomorrow!! 

4) the new drumset being used, by someone good, tomorrow!!! 

5) Will is speaking tomorrow!! I heard him go through it and it is quite good.  He has put a lot of work into it.  Be ecstatic.  

6) Next Saturday, I am playing at Remington Grill in High Point at 7 pm till whenever.  Come on out.  I am going to get a loop station this week to mess with because I have wanted to have one for a while.  I will likely use it on Saturday.  

7) Summer school has actually got me excited.  I am taking some classes that I am desiring to learn about.  

And the final thing is really not just an exciting thing for me, but a frustration.  The Lost finale.  Not this Thursday but next Thursday.  I don’t want to wait. 


One thought on “eight is enough

  1. I started watching Lost again, I only had the first disc of season 3 but all the rest are lined up to come ASAP via Netflix, and this season will follow via the internet.

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