songs and cds

Ok, I get asked a lot about what are some of the songs that I have recently downloaded. 

Here are some the most recent ones:
1) “Stop and Stare” – One Republic
2) “Live High” – Jason Mraz
3) “Gone” – Nsync – yep, I downloaded this and not by accident.  I have always loved the melodies on this song.
4) “Billie Jean” – Chris Cornell
5) “Lover’s side of town” – Joe Purdy – quickly becoming my favorite artist. 
6) “Imagine” – Jack Johnson
7) “I’m yours” – Jason Mraz
8) “New Soul” – Yael Naem
9) “Olympic Airways” – Foals
10) “Worrisome Heart” – Melody Gardot – ok, this one was free but I love it. 

And I have left iTunes for a little while because my computer is messing it up, so I have bought a few cds over the past few months.
1) Sleep through the Static – Jack Johnson
2) Funeral – Arcade Fire
3) The Essential Collection – Paul Simon
4) Another Run around the Sun – Ben Taylor
5) Sounds like this – Eric Hutchinson – best of the year so far to me


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