small is the new big

I have a new role with the Patio that I am thoroughly excited about.  I am going to be helping a lot more with the messages, planning them out in creative ways.  It is something that has sparked an excitement in me.  

This upcoming week, we are concluding our series, “where the wild things are,” with a message about getting beyond our expectations.  It is going to be quite good and I believe that a huge way to get beyond those expectations is to start thinking small.  Not thinking in terms of how big things really are but in terms of how small our steps need to be to accomplish those goals, those dreams.  We need to remember, in the words of Seth Godin, that small is the new big. 

So on that note, I just want you to notice that the small things are the things that can hold you back from doing all that God has called you to.  Sweat the small stuff.  However, for me it is worth noticing that throughout this week, I have to work hard in order to fix something small that could hold back us from doing something big.  You see, at the Patio, we are hosting a drive-in movie every Friday night in June and in order to do that best, we need to play the sound for the movie through radios in cars instead of, like normal, through a PA system.  But the fm transmitter we have needs to be assembled and no one is able, or willing, to do it as of yet.  Be praying for this small detail that has big results. 

And it is my prayer that you start to notice the small things in your life.  Because without those being addressed, you might miss God doing a big thing. 


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