set list 06/01/08

Lost is over now.  I am sad.  I now will have to wait until January 08 to see a new episode.  Oh well, that is life.  

Ok, here is the set list for Sunday: 
Song of hope (Robbie Seay Band)
For who you are (Hillsong)
Amazing Grace my chains are gone (Tomlin)
Glorious One (Fee) 

I would write explanations for each, but I am worn out.  I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning (I hate mornings) to get ready for seminary.  I am thoroughly enjoying it but I hate mornings still.  


2 thoughts on “set list 06/01/08

  1. Wait! Is lost not coming back on for 100 years!? I have so many questions…they always pull this junk. Give you just enough keep you coming back.

    However, now that I know that there wont be another new LOST episode until the next January 08 (which wont be for a long time)…I think I FINALLY have the strength to let it go.

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