3 days until…

3 days until… I am done with Greek.  It has been six long weeks of struggling through driving up to Southeastern and listening to the teacher explain this subject.  I haven’t enjoyed most of it, but I have enjoyed getting the knowledge on how to read the original language of the Scriptures.  I have lost most of my motivation for this class but I have to “press on toward the goal.”  

3 days until…freedom.  I think the first thing I am going to do is pick up a fun book and read it.  I am such a nerd, I know, but I honestly just want to read something.   I have over 10 books I really want to read and because of this class, I haven’t been able to, or at least I haven’t been able to read as much as I would have wanted.  

3 days until… nothing.  The next week or so is going to consist of not much other than getting a chance to refuel my body and my brain.  I am so low in energy right now.  I just want to sit down and not have to do anything for a few days.  

3 days until…E.T.  Yep, the Steven Spielberg movie.  Tim and I made it a goal to get through this class and then see E.T.  Dumb, I know but don’t crush our dreams.  I haven’t seen this movie in forever, if I have ever really seen it in its entirety and I don’t believe Tim has seen it either.  I have had a desire to see this movie for almost a year now and we set aside seeing it until we finished this class.  Kind of like a consolation prize for playing a dumb game.  

3 days until… I have the chance to spend time with anyone.  I am forgoing almost everything to finish out this week and I know that it is going to pay off.  

3 days until… we meet again.  


I talk a lot, but I haven’t spoken in a while

I am excited about speaking at the Ridge’s youth group tonight.  I haven’t speak in a long time and I really feel that God has given me something to share.  

I am talking about prayer.  Speaking of which, pray for me and for the youth who come out.  I believe that the Ridge’s youth group is on the verge of some big steps in God’s plans.  Pray for revival and a sense of calling and mission to be on all their hearts.  

woo-tastic and the connector detector

By nature, I enjoy meeting new people.  I am a woo, after all.  But sometimes having the desire to meet new people gets in the way of establishing deeper relationships.  Recently, I have had conversations with people who have felt my lack of effort in our friendship.  

To those of you who have felt this, I just wish to say that I am sorry.  

But honestly, I am not sure how much better I will do.  I want to say that I will do better, and I definitely will make an effort to do so, but it is not my nature to have a lot of close friends.  I have a lot of people who I am very open with, but to me, it is not necessarily because we are close friends.  I mean if we are around each other, I will do whatever I can to see you grow in God and grow in life.  And as for those who know me best, I will open up my heart and life to you.  

It is weird to say this but God has been showing me what his priorities for my life are and having tons of close friends is not necessarily one of those.  I am close with almost everyone I meet.  I can share my deepest feelings with a complete stranger and never have any qualms about it.  But the constant attention thing is not my strong suit and honestly, I don’t care too much for it.  I do that with people who are my closest friends and actually, only with those who are going the same direction that I am, mainly those who I am around the most.  

I am sorry if this comes as a shock to you, but it is how I feel.  I love each of you and don’t mean any disrespect or anything, but I just view this area differently than most of you who are not connectors or someone with the strength of woo.  This was just on my mind the past few days and I thought that I would share.  


Go to this link now.  The two videos just absolutely floored me.  I was weeping, honestly watching the story behind the song.  

God is truly faithful.  

This is what I want for my life.  I want songs that speak of what is happening in my life. 

snippet from new song

I had a great experience today hanging out with Eric from Daystar.  We spent some time discovering what God is doing in each other’s lives and actually spent some time trying to write a song that Eric had started the other day.  

I have not been on a huge kick to write songs lately (not sure why but I haven’t) and today was such a great reminder of the creativity that God has put forth in all of us.  I enjoyed trying to explore this creativity this morning.  

One of the lyrics hit me hard on the way home today: 
“We remember yesterday to give us strength for today”

I helped come up with that and it hit me after we sang it.   It is so true also.