time and a book

Goodness, it is crazy how fast times go by. I have been thinking back over my life the past day or so, mainly because a close family friend passed away on Saturday. Whenever someone passes on, I always evaluate how I am living my life. I am not sure if that is such a good thing. It seems weird that I have to keep evaluating it but oh well that is how it goes.

Also, I have been reading a biography on the Beatles recently. It is really good. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I never knew how crazy long it took for them to hit the big time. I am already about 250 pages in the book and they have only really played out of the country once. It is amazing that we have a preconceived notion that all the things that are big started out that way.

Anyways, while reading this book, I read something about John Lennon that truly hit me. In one of the first chapters, someone is describing what it was like for John getting started with a band and with his growing obsession with music. They said, “John did not wait for situations to come to him – he created them.”

That is what I want to be said of me.


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