chris martin speaks (and sings)

Get the new Coldplay album. Seriously.

It is a great new step for them. Still pop-like. But with more stuff going on behind them. I love the strings and the new sounds coming from them. Who knows where this will lead?

Could they be the next Beatles? Not likely, but who knows. New steps are being taken which is awesome.

Ok, on a sidenote – I saw this on Corey’s blog and it made me buy an edition of Rolling Stone.

Here is a little snidbit of the convo: 

Rolling Stone: Do you see any reason for hope?
Chris Martin:  As soon as Barack Obama becomes president, people will be a bit more optimistic.  If Obama was to be president, it would immediately change the whole outside world’s opinion of America overnight.  America’s public image at the moment is really bad.  And it’s a bummer, because over half of Americans are the coolest people on the planet.  But they’ve been so misrepresented. 
RS: Do you think he can win?  
CM:  I do.  But I think that, really, the fair thing would be, in electing the American president, to let everyone in the world vote, because it affects all of us.  If there was a world vote, there’s no question who would win.  No question.  

That is a cool insight to me because it shows just how much our decisions matter as Americans.  Who we decide for president will flow through the whole world.  Makes me take a step back and think about who my decisions affect.  



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