random thoughts about comics

I am uber-excited about the new Dark Knight movie due out in less than 2 weeks.  I have been watching some of the old movies and just really getting myself back into the whole story.  

I used to think that Superman was my favorite superhero but as I am recapping, I sincerely believe that Batman is my favorite.  

So I have been checking out some old comics that I have lying around the house and man, do I have a lot of good ones. I also recently started reading the “Dark Knight returns” by Frank Miller.  Classic.  

I think I am into this whole comic thing again, for some odd reason. I have never been much for fiction stories (not sure why though) but recently, I have been reading so many good stories.  I am loving this new phase of learning that I have been taking on.  Quite exhilarating, if you ask me.


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