be you, not anyone else

I have noticed lately that I am not trying to be me.  I am trying to be what I think others want to see me as.  This is quite an oddity.  

Why are people so concerned with being someone else?  

I mean, take a look at your local bookstore and you will see thousands of magazines showing what people should look like.  What people should find appealing.  It will show us what type of music to listen to.  The books we should read.  The movies we should see.  

But what if we dropped the act and started being ourselves?  What if we took off the pretentious mask and simply put ourselves out there?  You know what I think would happen. 

I think people would see us and love us more.  We would be simply irresistable because no one else is like us.  People couldn’t get enough of us, mainly because we are the only ones like . . . us.  

So be you.  Not anyone else.  

I remember going to the Thirsty conference last year and Francis Chan told us that the worst thing we could do after that conference was to go home and put into practice what we saw them doing there.  

Maybe that is true for everything else in our lives.  Maybe we should never put into practice what we see others doing.  However, we should modify everything that we see done well and try to do something simply in our own personal way.  

In closing, be you.  Not anyone else.

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