long day of fun

Lately, I have been exhausted by relationships.  Over the past week or so, I have spent a ton of hours building new relationships.  Quite exhilarating. 

Over the past two days, I have been about 10 or so miles bike riding on trails and such.  I haven’t done it in a while so my legs are quite sore.  But I feel good. 

Tonight was very busy.  First, a few of us got together for some Mexican food and started discussing how we can start a youth ministry here in Reedy Fork.  Unprecedented success in my opinion.  We have so much potential.  Pray now for that.  Now.  Right now. 

Then we had worship practice.  There were about 5 of us playing tonight.  Sad to say that all of us can’t play on Sunday but we had Andrew come out, like normal, for the last time.  He and Lauren are moving to Richmond next week so they will be parting.  Spend some time with them before they leave.  And Tobi joined us on drums.  He is a youth (rising junior in high school) in the neighborhood and he has expressed a huge desire to reach this community for Christ.  Such an encouragement.  Pray for him now because God is going to use him for great things because of willingness and desire to serve in any way he can.  You know the cool thing about him – he doesn’t even go to our church.  He goes to another church close by but he is willing to help us with worship and with youth ministry.  That is awesome. 

Then if that wasn’t enough for my day, I went over to Mladen’s house and a bunch of us watched Batman Begins to anticipate the Dark Knight coming out Friday. 

Recap of my busy day:
Bike Ride for 2 hours
Soccer/Ju Dit Su (not sure how to spell that) 1 hour
Lunch with Will 1 hour
Planning out some discipleship things 2 1/2 hours
Youth dream meeting 2 hours
Worship practice 2 hours
Batman Begins in fellowship 2 1/2 hours maybe 3 (that movie is long)

Dang, I have such a great job.  I get to hang out with people all day.  I used to feel guilty about building relationships because I didn’t consider it real work, but God is showing me that that is what I am called to do and that that is my work.  Our church is not built through programs but through relationships.  Oh man, I love this church.


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