some music to watch

Josh Wilson has recently been on my iPod playlist.  If you haven’t heard him, check out this and this.

And my girl, Brooke Frasor dropped a new cd last month.  Here is a cover of one of my all-time favorite songs (beware it ends abruptly).  Buy the cd, if you want it in its entirety.  

I am big fan of hymns.  This is both simple and astounding.



Ever have one of those moments where you just have to get away?  Not because of anything being wrong, but just because?  

Last night around 11:30 I went for a ride.  I just wanted to go for a ride.  I needed to clear my head.  And man, God used it to hit me about a lot of things.  

Then I went to Sheetz and got a Mountain Dew Slushie.  Those are amazing.  
Mountain Dew plus Slush = heaven in a cup.

While at Sheetz, this man came up to me while I was in the bathroom.  He started talking to me while I was doing my business.  It was quite weird.  Note to all guys – don’t talk to the guy next to you in the public bathrooms unless you know them.  

To top it off this was an old dude.  So I felt like I had to oblige him for respect-the-elderly purposes.  He is asking me all these things and I simply respond each time by saying, “yep” or “nope.”  I don’t want this conversation in the first place and then he continues to pester me.  Well I was only doing number 1 so I got to leave quickly.  

This whole ackward situation made me think about some things.

How willing are we to be open with people in embarrassing situations?  I mean, how often can we just start a conversation with someone?  Especially someone who has no common interests with us?  Are we able to share something with someone who is a complete stranger?  

Does it have to be something that is joyous for us to share?  What about a joke?  What about a sad story? How long do we have to know someone before we can open up our soul to them?  Can you do this too soon?  Or wait too long?  

Where is the best place for a conversation?  Coffee?  Lunch?  Why do most of our conversations have to take place over food when most people don’t like to pay attention too well over a meal?  How long should we set aside for a good conversation?  Meeting up with a long lost friend should take how much time?  New acquaintance?  

Why does it take us so long to get to an actual conversation rather than superficial b.s.?  How often should God come up when you are both Christians?  What about when one is a Christian and one is an atheist?  One a Buddhist and the other a follower of Christ? 

How many times are we going to keep telling the same stories without living new ones?  On that note, why do most comedians simply rehash their old jokes over and over?

quotes on love

The world’s love is always object-oriented.  A person is loved because of physical attractiveness, personality, wit, prestige, or some other such positive characteristic.  In other words, the world loves those whom it deems worthy to love.  Such love is necessarily fickle.  As soon as a person loses a positive characteristic-or that characteristic is no longer appealing-the love based on the characteristic also disappears.  It is because so many husbands and wives have only that kind of fickle love for each that their marriages fall apart.  As soon as a partner loses his or her appeal, love is gone, because the basis for the love is gone. 

God’s love is not of that sort.  He loves because it is His nature to love that which He has created and because the objects of His love need to be loved-not because they are attractive or deserve His love.  If God loved as the world loves, He could not love a single human being.  But in His marvelous graciousness, He loves because He cannot do otherwise.”  – John MacArthur, the commentary on Ephesians, p. 297. 


Here are some things that I have read/seen recently that have hit me: 

Donald MIller praying at DNC

My friend Mike’s blog about spiritual prostitution.

Carlos’ blog about worship leaders, both here, here and here.

Tony Morgan interviewing Lee Mcderment at Newspring, check it here.

If you don’t remember Perry Noble’s blog, please do yourself a favor and subscribe to it here.


Today, I found out I have next Monday off from teaching.  Good stuff.  I forgot about this little holiday called Labor Day.  Labor Day – the day to not work – kind of a paradox, isn’t it?  

So, I had a ton of hits on my blog over this whole Healer situation.  Thanks to all of you who visited.  I hope you stay and join the fun.  

Well tonight, there is a lot going on.  Starting back 24/7 at UNC-G is going to be awesome.  I expect a huge amount of people to come just from the conversations that I have had.  

I am excited to be back leading worship with this group.  It is quite awesome to see how much change has taken place over the years.  I am very humbled and glad to say that I got to help start this group in 2005.  It started as a prayer group on Mondays at 10:30 pm (yeah, not sure why so late).  Then it turned into a full-fledged move of God in fall 2006 with about 100 or so people.  Then God just started to show us how much we lacked in the realm of leadership and made us drop to about 15 people.  

The great thing is that most of those 15 people were still around until after they graduated.  Those few people have brought abounding faith to the move that continues today and God has been doing so much recently with it.  I am excited to see what He has in store for the future. 

In the words of one of the songs from tonight: 
“Nothing is impossible for [God]”  

Well I am done for now, but I will let you know as soon as I can about the experience that was tonight.

3 (a little trinity of sorts)

Three things: 

1) I am enjoying seminary so far this semester (even though it has only been one week thus far).

2) I am on the lookout for new music and new books.  Let me know of any helpful hints. 

3) If you type my name into Google and press “I’m feeling lucky,” you get this

Favorite quote from the article: 

Not only did Bunch lose hearing in one ear and his sense of equilibrium, but even worse, the incident also forced him to stand up his date for the evening — and we doubt he’ll get another chance with this particular girl after offering such an unbelievable and lame-sounding excuse for his absence. 

the bright sadness

I just got the new Charlie Hall cd today.  It is great.  

I have never really enjoyed his voice but I have always appreciated his lyrics.  

Get the cd – the Bright Sadness – as soon as you can.  

Here is a little gem from the lyrics: 
I have such a short memory so You keep reminding me of You

(shout out to Conner for putting these lyrics in his blog as well)

In summary, do yourself a favor and get this album.  It is quite fresh for the worship genre.