new steps

Time and time again, I find myself frustrated with my lack of experience and my lack of effort towards pursuing God.  I sincerely desire to just be completely consumed in worship with our God and honestly, it is quite hard to keep up the pursuit. 

I have been on a great journey recently with God.  God has simply been showing me so many things through so many people about my love for Him (really my lack of love) and also about my inconsistencies in the faith.  He has truly been molding more fully, or maybe I have just simply been more aware of His presence recently.  It has been a truly magnificient experience over the past few weeks. 

Side note: I have always found it odd that people ask questions at the end of their blogs because most of the time, no one seems to answer back.  I know that they are usually rhetoric, but I honestly want to know some of the answers to some of the questions. 

So in respect of the side note: 
How has your walk been with God lately?  It doesn’t have to be a long thought, just a sentence would suffice.  What is God showing you?  What are you reading?


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