trusting in the elderly

God has completely been kicking me in the rear the past few days.  It has been quite a good thing, I might add. 

God has been showing me how little I rely on Him and how little I truly do for the kingdom of God. 

Guess what, it all happened because someone spoke truth into my life.   Do you have someone in your life who will be humble and honest and not just someone who will say what you want to hear?  

I was watching the Saddleback Civic Forum (interview of Obama and McCain by Rick Warren) this morning on CNN and one of Obama’s answers hit me.  Warren asked him to tell everyone about who were the three people who spoke into his life at all moments.  He, of course, said that his wife was one of those people.  Very obvious answer, if he truly has a good marriage as he says.  Then he said that she is not only smart.  But that she will put him in his place at a second’s notice.  That is an awesome answer.  Very straightforward and quite common from what I hear.  

That is what I need in my life the most.  Throughout everything, I have had people who just tell me, usually, what I want to hear.  This reminds of the king in the Bible who needed to make a crucial decision and he decided to ask his late dad’s friends’ opinions.  Then he decided to ask his own friends.  The Bible says that he took the opinion of his friends, who were quite young like him, over the opinions of the wise men who served his father.  That is how I feel, most of the time.  

Now it is time for me to not just seek advice from people in the same stage of my life, but from those who have been doing ministry a long time.  I tend to get caught up in the newness of ministry and sometimes this leads to my lack of longevity.  No more. 

Do you tend to be around people who are in the same spot on this journey?  Or someone who is further along the way?  

Looking at my life, I don’t hang around that many people who have been Christians for longer than 10 years.  And when I do, they are usually less mature than I am.  I am starting to sense that this is a fault of mine.  I am seeking the advice of just my friends and not those who are wise counselors.  What are you doing?


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